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"I need a group of gangsters to help me on this mission - to find the golden plate!" Koopa Troopa

"Koopa Troopa's Mission" is episode two of Adventures of Super Luigi, and the second episode of Season 1. It aired on August 19, 2018.


Koopa Troopa and the squad break into a house to try and find a Golden Plate.


Koopa Troopa asks his friends if they want to join him on his mission - to find the golden plate. Koopa Troopa is trying to convince Dobi to do it, but he sees a hornet and freaks out. After he gets everyone's attention he asks Super Luigi how to fly, so he flies. Something blasts the three's helicopter, and they all have to jump out. Dobi and the Helicopter Pilot are not able to continue in the mission, so Koopa Troopa and Super Luigi discuss how to get in the house. Not the front door, but the back door. But when the back door idea doesn't work, they open the garage and head in that way. While Koopa Troopa is looking at a car that he should steal, Super Luigi puts a key into the door, and they head inside. In the house, Koopa Troopa is preparing Super Luigi for further exploration to find the golden plate. Koopa Troopa and Super Luigi go to the front door and asks the guards to open it, but they shoot them with their Nerf guns. But suddenly, Koopa Troopa has the idea for Super Luigi to flirt with the guards. The plan works and they head inside, trying to search for the golden plate. However, they both get wrapped up in girls on DVDs. They decide to fight with dumbbells, and then do a competition with them, as the narrator is getting angry. Again, they argue about which girl will date them as they receive a message that the golden plate is inside a door behind them. They open the door, only to see a regular plate. They regret the whole mission and Koopa Troopa wins the girl. He dances with victory on the plate.




  • This episode was originally, "Koopa Troopa's Suicide Mission", but was rewritten because it was innapropriate.
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story is mentioned.
  • It is unknown why Koopa Troopa could not look at the code, because it was not Super Luigi's house.
    • It is also unknown how Super Luigi got the code.


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