"This is a very new clone machine... just step into the pair of underwear." Tiny Bear

"Luigi's Clone" is episode nine of Adventures of Super Luigi, and the ninth episode in Season 1. It aired on September 16, 2018.


Super Luigi clones himself, but the clone soon turns evil and they all must figure out who is not a clone.


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  • Events from "Luigi's Day Off" are mentioned.
  • This episode was originally called "The Clone", and is still considered that title.
  • Geronimo Stilton is mentioned.
  • It is revealed that clones can do the same thing as the original.
  • In the end, Luigi said to look out for "Luigi's New Boss" next Saturday, but no episode has aired with that title.
    • The closest thing to that was in "The Promotion" where a new boss is selected, but that did not air on a Saturday.
  • It is unknown how Luigi's Clone knew some of the squad's names because he was said to be stupid.


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