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"The nerf people are in the bathroom!" Fire Mario

"Luigi's Day Off" is episode three of Adventures of Super Luigi, and the third episode in Season 1. It aired on June 3, 2018.


Luigi wants to have a nice day off, but problems disturb him.


Super Luigi wakes up and hears the doorbell ring. He goes to answer it, and there is Dobi, who is saying that it is a day off. Dobi comes in the house, ready to party. Super Luigi decides to wait until Fire Mario comes. Just then, a constant doorbell ringing directs Super Luigi and Dobi's attention to the door, where Fire Mario is. They all try to think of what to do, and Fire Mario decides to jump and fall on a pillow. But Super Luigi has the idea to build a fort, so they all go down to do so, excited. But jinxing it, the fort gets under attack, and when they think they are safe, the lights go out. Super Luigi then uses a flashlight to direct Fire Mario to run to the bathroom, where they find Dobi using the toilet. They tell him to get behind the shower curtain. It is there where they see Koopa Troopa taking a shower. And when Fire Mario says a statement, they all scream and head to Super Luigi's room, where they meet the Nerf Shooter that attacked them. They all jump off in an effort to escape, but Fire Mario gets hurt, and they all run away without him. But, the Nerf Shooter looses his gun, and they all attack him. All of a sudden, the doorbell rings, and there is their boss. They tell him to come in and someone fires the nerf gun at him. They are all sued and they bring Fire Mario back to life for him to be their lawyer. They all go to court, and because Luigi's Boss does not have a lawyer, he has to go to jail. But when they all get back to their fort, Mr. TeddyBear is there and he destroys it, so they go to play cards (which is also not fun). They all have a sleepover, and Fire Mario kisses Koopa Troopa, thinking about what he did to the Nerf Shooter and where he is now. The Nerf Shooter is in fact planning revenge on everyone.

They all prepare to jump off the balcony and into the basement.




  • While making this episode, the cast was talking about doing the episode "Make-Up Day", but it now will not be used.
  • The squad have a sleepover in the end, as will be mentioned in "Sleepover And Over".
  • It is unknown why The Squad is afraid of the nerf shooter, as they use Nerf guns a lot.


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