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"I highly doubt that's what he's not dreaming." Koopa Troopa

"The Dream" is episode four of Adventures of Super Luigi, and the fourth episode in Season 1. It aired on June 17, 2018.


Everyone is mysteriously falling asleep and having dreams; Super Luigi must wake them up before they are stuck dreaming forever.


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  • This is the episode continued from "Luigi's Day Off".
  • Super Luigi breaks the fourth wall by asking the camera man to cut the video short.
  • Koopa Troopa says that the sunglasses Dobi is wearing are his, but Dobi is seen with them in "Dobi's Rap Song".
  • Dunkin Donuts and Walmart are mentioned.
  • The same music is used in this episode as used in the promo for episode three.
  • It is unknown how Luigi's Boss gets out of jail for the ending when he is still in jail for the next episodes.
  • The song used for the "Luigi's Day Off" promo is used in the beginning of this episode.
  • It is unknown how Luigi's Boss broke out of jail to tell the squad to go to work, as in other episodes, the squad say he is in jail.
  • This episode was originally titled "Dreams".


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