"Let's go Luigi, let's go!" Fire Mario

"The Promotion" is episode eleven in Adventures of Super Luigi, and the eleventh episode in Season 1. It aired on October 21, 2018.


Super Luigi is made the new boss of IT Text Support.


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  • This episode was going to be the season finale.
  • In couple scenes, the cast used Gavin's Toad and Yoshi.
  • Because this episode was filmed before the start of the The Hershey Event (before "Koopa Troopa VS The Snake"), it does not feature Mr. Hershey.
  • This is the first episode in Season 1 where Dobi doesn't have any lines.
  • Originally, the script called for this to be a two-part special, but was shortened.
  • It was revealed that Luigi's neighborhood always has flash floods.
  • Fire Mario mentions Slurp Juice from Fortnite, even though it was revealed he hates the game.
  • Fire Mario sings I Believe I Can Fly.


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