Dobi is a main character (soon to be a recurring character) in Adventures of Super Luigi. He is played by Aidan.

Appearance Edit

A creature with a pink shirt and mentioned with 8 tentacles (even though he only has 2).

Biography Edit

To be added!

Episode Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dobi is said to have eight tentacle legs, but only two of them are shown.
  • Dobi is revealed to be sneaky in "The Missing Bike".
    • It is then unknown why Dobi did not want to attend the mission in episode two at first.
  • It is revealed that Dobi is bad at Fortnite in "Dobi's Birthday".
  • In "Dobi's Birthday", it is revealed that Dobi is a hacker.
  • Dobi is a plush and character from Harry Potter, and would be spelled D-O-B-B-Y like Harry Potter, but Evan still says this Dobi is spelled D-O-B-I for unknown reasons.
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