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This is the episode guide for Adventures of Super Luigi.

Season Premiere - Finale Number Of Episodes
1 May 27, 2018 - TBA, 2019 28
Mini September 8, 2018 - TBA TBA


Confirmed Episodes

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Title Air Date Summary
S1, E1 "The Missing Bike" May 27, 2018 Koopa Troopa's bike is stolen.
S1, E2 "Koopa Troopa's Mission" August 19, 2018 Koopa Troopa and the squad break into a house to try and find a Golden Plate.
S1, E3 "Luigi's Day Off" June 3, 2018 Luigi wants to have a nice day off, but problems disturb him. 
S1, E4 "The Dream" June 17, 2018 Everyone is mysteriously falling asleep and having dreams; Super Luigi must wake them up before they are stuck dreaming forever.
S1, E5 "Dobi's Birthday" June 24, 2018 It is Dobi's birthday, but all he wants to do is play Fortnite.
S1, E6 "Toad's YouTube Channel" August 26, 2018 Baby Toad, a YouTuber goes through puberty.
S1, E7 "The Hunt" September 2, 2018 Toad is living in a new house while the squad is trying to find him in his new house and make him a part of their squad.
S1, E8 "Luigi's Pet" September 9, 2018 After work, Super Luigi makes Yoshi his pet.
S1, E9 "Luigi's Clone" September 16, 2018 Super Luigi clones himself, but the clone soon turns evil and they all must figure out who is not a clone.
S1, E10 "Koopa Troopa VS The Snake" September 30, 2018 Koopa Troopa tries to fight off a snake that gives his friends a disease.
S1, E11 "The Promotion" October 21, 2018 Super Luigi is made the new boss of IT Text Support.
S1, E12 "The Breakout" October 7, 2018 Shy Guy tries to break out of prison with his cellmate.
S1, E13 "Yoshi Gets Pregnant" October 14, 2018 Yoshi gets pregnant and his egg hatches, but there are too many for him to handle.
S1, E14 "The First Crime" October 28, 2018 The squad becomes super heroes; just in time to stop villains from stealing the Yoshi babies!
S1, E15

S1, E16

"Halloween Special" October 31, 2018 The squad is adjusting to their first Halloween when a real monster is on the loose and stealing all the candy.
S1, E17 "Toad's Girlfriend" 2019 Toad gets a girlfriend, Toadette, but the squad thinks she is evil; suspiciously, Fire Mario is missing during a meeting.
S1, E18 "Night Of The Living Snacks" 2019 In an attempt to go to FortniteCon, the squad has to find a way to escape IT Text Support without their boss knowing; a gang of living snacks show up to stop them.
S1, E19 "Luigi, The Gamer" 2019 After being in a gaming championship, Luigi, and the others, get trapped in a video game and Dobi must code them out before they get deleted by a virus.
S1, E20 "The Spy" 2019 The squad thinks Fire Mario is evil and decide to investigate.
S1, E21 "Sleepover And Over" 2019 The squad have a sleepover together, but when they live it over and over again, they must defeat the monster of their nightmares to stop the cycle.
S1, E22 "Koopa Troopa's Brother" 2019 Koopa Troopa meets his long lost brother, but after realizing he is being possessed by Boo, he must find out a way to get Boo out; they plan to steal their 400 billionth house but the owner is secretly ready for them.
S1, E23 "Imposters!" 2019 When the squad is framed for committing a crime, they get sent to jail; they reunite with Josh to escape and prove their innocence but realize the security is better than last time.
S1, E24 "Squad: Into The Poke-verse" 2019 After a Pokemon battle phenomenon, the squad is guided into the Poke-verse (where all the Pokemon live) and have to defeat Charizard.
S1, E25 "Christmas Squad" December, 2019 The squad celebrate Christmas and try to catch Santa.
S1, E26 "Into The Danger Zone" 2019 When Super Luigi and Dobi are captured by Bowser Junior and taken into the Bowser dimension, Koopa Troopa must go through the portal and save him.
S1, E27

S1, E28

"Dobi's Wand" 2020 After Dobi finds his wand and reunites with his old friend, Harry Potter, they go to Hogwarts; after forgetting Dobi, the squad must rescue Dobi from an evil wizard disguised as Harry Potter.

Unconfirmed Episodes

"The Advertisement" The squad gets into advertisements and spend all their money, and their house; in an advertised challenge, Koopa Troopa becomes the squad's enemy and doesn't give them one of his houses.
"Luigi Gets Hurt" While riding his new skateboard, Luigi is injured and forced to stay inside, even though he doesn't want to.
"The Big Change" In an attempt to win a contest, the squad switch bodies and accidentally ruin each other's lives.
"Dobi See, Dobi Do" In the Ultimate Truth Or Dare Challenge, Dobi is challenged to do everything he sees; the squad must stop or protect him when things become to dangerous.
"The Narrator Quits" After the narrator quits his job in the series, the squad must get him back after they realize they can't progress or have fun without him.
"Super-Powered Squad" When a villain gets mutated and threatens to destroy the squad, they must gain superpowers to stop him.
"The Cape Is Lost" When Luigi loses his cape and everyone doesn't recognize him, he must get it back at all costs or be forgotten forever.
"The Next Crime" TBA
"Luigi's Parents" Luigi reunites with his family, but they are soon kidnapped and won't be brought back without a ransom.
"The Funeral" TBA
"Pet War" Yoshi and Chain Chomp battle it out to see who is the best pet of them all.
"The Search for Babies" When The Snake has a child and he goes missing, the squad teams up to find them; Yoshi is at home with her babies but loses one of them in a game of hide and seek.


Main Article: Minisodes

Minisode Number Minisode Title Air Date Summary
1 "Dobi's Rap Song" September 8, 2018 Dobi does a rap song with Super Luigi.
2 "The Secret Life Of Bowser Junior" November 25, 2018 Toad views the daily life of Bowser Junior.
3 "Ultimate Bad Guy Nerf War" January 1, 2019 Bowser Junior and his friends sneak into Toad's basement for a nerf war.


Special Number Special Title Air Date Summary
1 "BFF Battle"

 (Crossover with Joe, The Puppet)

October 7, 2018 Friends, Fuzzy Bear, Yeti, and Doggie battle against friends from Adventures of Super Luigi for a friendship war.