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Fire Mario is a main recurring character in Adventures of Super Luigi. He is played by Gavin.


A man with peach skin, and a beard. He has a white hat with his first annitial on it, and a white shirt under red overalls. He also wears brown boots.



Episode Appearances


  • It is revealed that Fire Mario sneaks in Luigi's bedroom in "Luigi's Day Off".
  • In "The Promotion", it is revealed that Fire Mario has a sugar rush as soon as he has sugar.
  • It is revealed in "Dobi's Birthday" that Fire Mario thinks that Fortnite is obnoxious and doesn't play it.
  • It is revealed in "Luigi's Day Off" that Fire Mario has been to court.
  • In "The Dream", it is revealed that Fire Mario hates jumping jacks.
  • In "The Promotion", it was revealed that Fire Mario has a sweating problem.
  • It was revealed in "The Promotion" that Fire Mario goes crazy when he eats sugar.