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Season 1 is the first season of Adventures of Super Luigi. It was announced by Evan and Ojas on May 25, 2018.


Super Luigi goes on adventures with his squad while dealing with crazy problems and outrageous situations.


Episode Number Episode Title Air Date Pro. Code
S1, E1
"The Missing Bike" May 27, 2018 101
S1, E2
"Koopa Troopa's Mission" August 19, 2018 105
S1, E3
"Luigi's Day Off" June 3, 2018 102
S1, E4
"The Dream" June 17, 2018 103
S1, E5
"Dobi's Birthday" June 24, 2018 104
S1, E6
"Toad's YouTube Channel" August 26, 2018 106
S1, E7
"The Hunt" September 2, 2018 107
S1, E8
"Luigi's Pet" September 9, 2018 108
S1, E9
"Luigi's Clone" September 16, 2018 109
S1, E10
"Koopa Troopa VS The Snake" September 30, 2018 111
S1, E11
"The Promotion" October 21, 2018 110
S1, E12
"The Breakout" October 7, 2018 112
S1, E13
"Yoshi Gets Pregnant" October 14, 2018 113
S1, E14
"The First Crime" October 28, 2018 114
S1, E15
"Kindergarden" TBA 115
S1, E16 TBA "YouTube Wars" 2019 TBA
S1, E17 TBA "Time Machine, Part 1" 2019 TBA
S1, E18 TBA "Time Machine, Part 2" 2019 TBA
S1, E19
"The Spy" 2019 116
S1, E20 TBA "Into the Danger Zone" 2019 TBA
"Halloween Special" 2019 TBA


Main Cast

Main Recurring Cast

Minor Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

Special Cast


  • This season began production on May 25, 2018.
    • The season (along with the show) premiered with the episode in this season on May 26, 2018.
  • As of June 2018, the season will not continue production until August because Ojas went on vacation.
    • Therefore, the show will not continue until thereafter.
  • The season was rumored to end at 10 episodes, but will continue.
    • The same thing happened in late 2018 when the cast was thinking about ending at 20.
  • Gavin made a rap to fit this season in October, 2018.
  • Plots were leaked to some episodes in the season, but it is unknown if they are true.
  • It was revealed that "Halloween Special" will have a special title, unlike other episodes in the season.
  • After the Halloween Special, the season will not continue production until December, 2018.
    • This is because Koti and Ojas went on vacation for Thanksgiving.
  • Evan said if Gavin could get information on a green-screen, one of his episode ideas would be used.
    • The episode Gavin suggested was "Into the Danger Zone".
    • On October 21, 2018, Gavin revealed the ending of his episode idea to Evan on a chat... a cliffhanger to finish the season.
      • The cliffhanger may be continued in Season 2 if it goes into production.
  • After a two-week hiatus, production continued in late October, 2018 with the 20-minute Halloween Special, and stopped after. It will likely end in 2019.
  • The episode numbers were being confused on Dropbox, but it got fixed.
  • Many episodes were being talked about with Gavin and Koti, but confirmation is still needed.
  • Evan, Gavin, and Koti talked about the ending of the season on October 30, 2018.
  • Evan and Gavin talked about all the new episodes they have to make to finish this season, as well as when they are going to make them with Koti also.
  • The theme was made on November 4, 2018, and edited on December 8, 2018 to fit the rest of the season after "The Spy".
  • An episode titled "Night Of The Living Snacks" was rumored to be a Thanksgiving Special.
  • Episodes mentioned for Season 2 were moved into this season because the cast decided that they might not do another season.
    • Also so they don't have to film as many episodes and deal with errors during production.
  • Starting in January 2019, new episodes will be made to finish the season.

Cast Quotes

"I like making the series. It is fun to meet up with my friends - the cast. I also like the random writing and jokes. Awesome!" Gavin