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Season 2 is the second season of Adventures of Super Luigi. It was mentioned by Evan, Ojas, and Gavin on October 14, 2018, but is unknown to be true.


Super Luigi is back for a brand new season, dealing with more difficult situations with his squad.


Confirmed Episodes

Episodes that have been confirmed by the cast and have aired already.


Unconfirmed Episodes

These episodes may not be in the same order as aired in the future, and are just episodes that the cast were talking about.

  • 1. “Sleepover and Over”
  • 2. “Luigi Gets Hurt”
  • 3. “Dobi’s Wand”
  • 4. “Koopa Troopa’s Brother”
  • 5. “Imposters!”
  • 6. “Luigi, The Gamer”
  • 7. "The Big Change"
  • 8. "Luigi's Parents"
  • 9. “Dobi See, Dobi Do”
  • 10. “Pet War”
  • 11. “The Next Crime”
  • 12. “Invasion of the Bees”
  • 13. "The Narrator Quits
  • 14. "Into the Poke-verse"
  • 15. "Christmas Squad"
  • 16. “Night of the Living Snacks”
  • 17. "The Warp Pipe"
  • 18. "Baby Luigi and the Fountain of Youth"
  • 19. “Super-Powered Squad”
  • 20. "The Cape is Lost"
  • 21. "Shy Guy on the Run, Part 1: Dark Past"
  • 22. "Shy Guy on the Run, Part 2: Squad No More"
  • 23. "Shy Guy on the Run, Part 3: Captured!"
  • 24. "Shy Guy on the Run, Part 4: The Last Battle"


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Minor Cast


  • If the season goes into production, characters will be switched, such as Dobi becoming a recurring character.
    • It has been rumored that Toad will be a main character, but has not been confirmed.
  • This season was rumored to be much shorter than Season 1 if produced.
  • This season was mentioned by Gavin on June 9, 2018, much before it was later mentioned by the whole cast.
  • The storyline from the end of "Into The Danger Zone" may continue where Bowser Junior will take control of the squad.
  • "Halloween Special" was rumored to become a Season 2 episode.
  • More discussion on the season was in November and December, 2018.
  • In March and April 2020 rumors of a Shy Guy origin story ark was pitched.